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Many people around the world have praised my Sokoban for the Macintosh. It's one of the most advanced sokoban implementations available for any platform, yet uses only 150K of disk space and 250K of memory to run. The following comments are taken from actual e-mail messages.

...let me thank you for cluttering up my already overworked drive with yet another wonderful mind-bending game. It's nice to see that such old puzzlers can be brought to the present and given new life. PB, Harvard, Mass, USA
it's still on my list of the best games/implementations ever. Martin Y., England
It looks so simplistic and then you try it. I love a challenge and Sokoban definitely gave it to me! CH, Colorado, USA
I've just come to enjoy your Sokoban program for Mac... this game is really great.... bravo for your work! MC, France
We are enjoying Sokoban 2.0 everyday. TS, Japan
What an amazing little game! ... I have never been so addicted to a game... LD, San Francisco, USA
We have been playing your Sokoban game like crazy, and I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much we enjoy it. LJL
I must confess that I usually hate computer games. I downloaded Sokoban for my kids. I'm delighted to report that I am enjoying this game! SL
I love your game! WA, Australia
I have enjoyed this game more than any other computer game I have tackled. HH, New Mexico, USA
It is an elegant game and really makes you think. JW, Maryland, USA
Your version of it is Great CG, Paris, France

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