Yoshio Murase Levels

Sample level in this collection

These sokoban screens were made automatically by computer. Yosio Murase wrote the program that created these levels and then made the levels available on his sokoban web pages.

For information about the theory behind the creation of these levels, see Yoshio Murase, Hitoshi Matsubara, and Yuzuru Hiraga Automatic Making of Sokoban Problems, which was presented at the Pacific Rim Conference on AI in 1996.

These levels are small (no more than 8x8), and contain only 3 stones to push, but can be delightfully tricky and surprisingly difficult to solve.

Author: Yoshio Murase, yoshio@asahi.email.ne.jp
Original level website: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/ai/yoshio/sokoban/auto52/auto52.htm

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Player Comments on Yoshio Murase Levels

From rdgoyal@cse.iitb.ernet.in on Jun 18, 2000
Difficulty: 4: Requires considerable thought
They are really very funny and challenging. This is the most interesting game i have seen. It is addictive too. Once I solve level 22-48 in single sitting of 85 minutes. Some times a single level took one-two hrs.

From pablojacinto@hotmail.com on Nov 24, 2006
Difficulty: No comment
I'm from Argentina and I'm traying to do the sokoban game level 6 since 3 days ago, and I can't pass it. I found this game here: http://www.parchis.com/juego.php/Mzk2NQ if you can send me an e-mail with the solution. Thanks, Pablo

From Liang Gu, guliang777@gmail.com on Apr 10, 2007
Difficulty: 5: Will keep even diehard fans busy
Level 20 keeps me busy for 5 days till now. It seems that I cannnot pass this level. Sad!

From guliang777@gmail.com on Apr 10, 2007
Difficulty: 5: Will keep even diehard fans busy
The Leve 20 I mentioned above is at http://www.mocochina.com/ShowPost.asp?id=22933 Password is "ywer". Any one can help me?