Sasquatch Levels

Sample level in this collection

David Skinner released this collection of 50 original levels in January, 1999. He calls them "Sasquatch".

The levels are generally of just the right difficulty to be fun: not too easy, but (usually) not so hard that you get frustrated.

Author: David Skinner,
Original level website:

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Player Comments on Sasquatch Levels

From David Holland on Jun 8, 2001
Difficulty: 4: Requires considerable thought
I found this collection to be a real page-turner: I couldn't wait to try the next puzzle. It is packed with ideas, flair and not a little beauty. As a moderately experienced solver, only a handful of the puzzles required more than one session - this is not intended as a criticism! - and even these sustained my interest to be solved after a break of a few days. I was most impressed with the paradoxical consistency combined with the variety of the puzzles. Some of the "stacking problems" were delightfully original. I admired the elegance of the symmetrical puzzles, especially when combined with unexpected solving difficulty (change of role and very unsymmetrical variations). Not least, I was inspired by this collection to make some more puzzles of my own and got a real sense of limitless horizons within this puzzling realm of Sokoban.