Sasquatch III Levels

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Added Dec 30, 2000
David Skinner has created yet another wonderful set of sokoban levels. He describes them this way:

This set ranges in difficulty from medium to very hard.

Thirty one of these levels explore some form of design symmetry. It is interesting (to me at least) to solve levels in which sections are reversed or rotated. Each transformation often suggests different approaches to the solution. However, sometimes the confusion created requires that each section be solved from scratch.

Sometimes, I find levels in my earlier sets which I would do differently today. Included here are improved versions of two previous levels.
Sasquatch III (48) = Sasquatch (49)
Sasquatch III (41) = Mas Sasquatch (46)

Author: David Skinner,
Original level website:

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Player Comments on Sasquatch III Levels

From David Holland on Jun 8, 2001
Difficulty: 4: Requires considerable thought
Another brilliant collection, of considerably more difficulty in places than the original Sasquatch. Yet more creative ideas but if I can be a little critical the attempt to increase complexity led to some puzzles which I found frustrating and I lost the narrative greed - the desire to solve the next puzzle - in some places due to some thematic repetitiveness. But this could be due to my limits and impatience as a solver, and was outweighed by a scattering of truly outstanding puzzles, which I found very satisfying to solve. Making use of my Sokoban program's editing and play-in-reverse modes made the initially frustrating puzzles tractable and increased the pleasure I got from solving them in a second or third session.

From Gilles Merour on Jan 16, 2003
Difficulty: 4: Requires considerable thought
These levels are difficult, some are very very difficult (I must admit it took me about 2 hours to solve the level 35 probably the most difficult of the set). These levels contain a wide variety of shapes and difficulties and among them I particularly appreciated the ones where symmetry plays an important role, these levels often contain a lot of boxes and you have to think of a solution that can at the same time solve a little part of the level and be recursively applied to the entire level.