Minicosmos Levels

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Added Nov 13, 2001
Minicosmos Levels, created by Aymeric du Peloux.
Aymeric has created another level set in the tradition of Microcosmos. He says this set is for beginners because the levels have only 2 or 3 stones. But I still found them interesting, even though I'm an experienced player.
Many of the levels come in pairs: a relatively easy level with 2 stones, followed by a more challenging level with the same layout and an extra stone. This is a nice way of providing hints.

Author: Aymeric du Peloux,
Original level website:

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Player Comments on Minicosmos Levels

From Scott Lindhurst on Nov 13, 2001
Difficulty: 3: Average
It took me (an experienced Sokoban player) about an hour and a half to solve these levels. There's nothing extremely difficult, but also nothing extremely easy. This is an enjoyable collection of levels.