Microcosmos Levels

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Added Dec 6, 2000
Microcosmos Levels, created by Aymeric du Peloux.
It's amazing how much difficulty Amyeric packs into such small levels. At first glance, the levels look very easy. Then you try one, and it seems impossible. Eventually you figure out the trick and solve the level.

Author: Aymeric du Peloux, aymeric.dupeloux@smile.fr
Original level website: None

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Player Comments on Microcosmos Levels

From Scott Lindhurst on Dec 6, 2000
Difficulty: No comment
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From Anonymous on Oct 04, 2006
Difficulty: 5: Will keep even diehard fans busy
Brilliant! Nice and hard!

From Anonymous on Oct 13, 2006
Difficulty: No comment
How to solve Microcosmos level 35? Please help. wlayco@gmail.com