Mas Sasquatch Levels

Sample level in this collection

"Mas Sasquatch" is the second set of sokoban levels created by David Skinner. It is the sequel to his Sasquatch levels. Like the Sasquatch levels, these may be distributed in their original form as long as they remain free and include David's name and email address.

This set of 50 levels was first distributed in August, 1999.

Author: David Skinner,
Original level website:

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Player Comments on Mas Sasquatch Levels

From on Aug 31, 2000
Difficulty: 4: Requires considerable thought
I have been enjoying Sokoban for about a year and this is a great set! I'm stuck on 29, I think I will get it if I give it some time = )

From David Holland on Jun 8, 2001
Difficulty: 4: Requires considerable thought
This collection is of very good quality, with a small number of exceptional puzzles and a plethora of interesting solving themes. Most of the puzzles aren't very difficult (for this solver taking a few minutes at the first attempt) but some are very enjoyable and pretty demanding. Not the most consistent of the author's collections but then I would be happy to have designed even one of the best puzzles in here. A couple of the puzzles are genuinely hard, so be warned!