David Holland's dh2

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Added June 19, 2001
This is David Holland's second set of 10 levels. He describes them like this
"There are no computer-generated levels as I am trying to evolve a puzzle-making style, and so experimenting with as many different forms as possible. Some of the puzzles are very, or slightly, symmetrical as a stylistic device (in this I am influenced by David W. Skinner's excellent sasquatch puzzle sets). Others are completely unsymmetrical and the style is in the variations alone. The puzzles are arranged in roughly ascending order of difficulty."

For more about these puzzles, visit David's web page.

Author: David Holland, david@noether.freeserve.co.uk
Original level website: http://www.clickfest88.freeserve.co.uk/dh2/index.html

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Player Comments on David Holland's dh2

From [Kolya] sasa.zagorc@uni-lj.si on Sep 6, 2001
Difficulty: 4: Requires considerable thought
Especially, dh-206 and dh-210 are worth of your brains go nuts for a while. It is obvious that D.H. moves towards "symmetrical" levels.